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(recommended for local testing) ThreemaWork builds and tests the enterprise version of our app. The Threema Work app is based on Threema’s consumer app and offers similar features. If the ID is used again in conjunction with credentials of this subscription, it will reappear in the list of active users. What’s more, Threema doesn’t even store any information on its actual servers. The Threema Work app is based on the Threema app. He is fully liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by misuse of the account by third parties and/or by negligently handling the login information. If a contact is deactivated after it was already made available, it will remain in the contact lists of the current users, but it won’t be labeled with two blue dots anymore. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls, and offers every feature one … If staff changes occur, an individual user’s access to the app can be withdrawn via the MDM system. th_disable_id_export to true. Therefore, it can take up to one hour until new users are visible in the management cockpit’s “Contacts”. Internal contacts (i.e., contacts that are part of the same Threema Work subscription) can be labeled with the blue verification level. Instant messaging is an immediate and effortless means for information exchange, and it has become an integral part of today’s business communication. An email address or phone number can only be linked to one Threema ID at a time. Threema Work offers all features expected from a professional business messenger. This allows companies and organizations to send, receive, and process Threema messages using their own software. Then, set th_safe_enable to true. They make a few very rich very quickly and loot the rest of the population. If you build the Threema Work target, credentials from the Threema Work subscription must be provided in order to use the app. You can deploy the Threema Work app manually or by using an MDM or EMM system: The Threema Work app must be activated using credentials before it is ready for use. Threema Work is fully compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). © 2019 Threema GmbH. For personal use, we recommend the standard Threema version. Simply use the same username/password pair as multi-user license for all users. login: Threema apps are Open Source ( 157 points by nickexyz 6 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 57 comments: sschueller 6 days ago. Using the Threema Work API, you can automate administration and user management. Threema Work can be used on devices without (or with multiple) SIM cards. Switzerland, FortKnoxster - Encrypted Messenger & Calls, Threema Work. © 2019 Threema GmbH. Threema Work is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offers the same high level of privacy protection … Each app instance requires an individual license. The availability of Threema Work and Education make it worth considering for those kinds of large organizations, while Broadcast and Gateway expand the product’s uses as well. From now on, you have full control over your messages. Home; More. Within about an hour, the affected user will be unable to send and receive messages. Schemes. The following features are particularly useful when handling staff changes: Withdraw access to the app With the “off-hours policy,” Threema Work users only receive notifications during specified periods of time. Using personal Threema-IDs in Threema Work. Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. Threema Work supports Android Enterprise (formerly known as Android for Work). Threema for Android – By using this website (“Website”), and by purchasing and using electronic services and software licenses (“Service”) offered on the Website, you agree to the following General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) of Threema GmbH (“Company”). Threema became popular in 2013 after Edward Snowden revealed the level of data being captured by the U.S. government, said Chester Wisniewski, a … Then, set the user’s access privileges by ticking the appropriate checkboxes. Add contacts to your users’ contact lists. If you would like to convert your free trial into a regular subscription in order to keep the trial’s credentials and settings, please proceed as follows: If you accept an offer instead of converting your trial into a regular subscription, a new subscription will be created, and you will have to manually transfer your trial users to the newly created subscription. For work and personal use. Set th_safe_enable to false to prevent your users from using Threema Safe. Depending on whether the app is deployed manually or via MDM system, the process of defining credentials differs slightly. Manage your remortgage all in one place. Terms of Service). Overview of key advantages: Threema is trusted by millions. iTunes backups can include Threema data. In the management cockpit, navigate to “Access privileges”. Use multi-user licenses for an easy setup of automatic rollout. 1. Sprache wechseln: EnglishEnglish Threema is accessible and can be installed on your smartphones or desktops, below mentioned are the quick steps on how to install and use Threema: Step 1: Download Threema application from the Google Play Store for $3.49 or Apple App Store for $2.99. The user entered the name manually in the contact details in the app. Threema Work is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offers the same high level of privacy protection … The business chat app is perfect for corporate communication via instant messaging and guarantees confidential information exchange in teams. The Threema Work app is based on the Threema app. Due to the end-to-end encryption applied, it is not possible to create transcripts with the Threema Work management cockpit or the API. File messages also have a message.mime_type.. Development Send us an email to • Send text and voice messages • Send any kind of file (PDFs, Office documents, ZIP files, etc.) The statutory value added tax (VAT) of 7.7% is applied to all invoices. Before the Threema Work app can be used, it must be activated using credentials: Threema Work is available for Android and iOS and can also be used on tablets. parameter change has in the app. To add multiple users at at once (e.g., from a .csv file), switch to the “Bulk insert / Import” tab. There are two price plans available for Threema Work, which differ in their features and services. The calls are person-to-person with group calls unavailable. The same ID cannot be used in two apps simultaneously. in Threema Work website’s, A few parameters (those that are not “renewable”, see. To prevent this, set the MDM parameter th_disable_data_backups, to true. Use the In our example, activate th_disable_create_group, and set the parameter to. Threema Work is the highly secure and easy-to-use messaging solution for companies and organizations. However, if you want to take team collaboration to another level, Threema offers Threema Work – an enterprise messenger app that you can use for corporate communication. Threema Work. Threema does not provide a graphical user interface for Threema Gateway. Pay with MasterCard or Visa. Threema è il messenger sicuro più venduto al mondo: tiene i tuoi dati fuori dalla portata di hacker, associazioni ed enti governativi. system. Offre tutte le funzionalità proprie di un instant messenger all’avanguardia. You can even make Threema calls without a SIM card. However, the holder of the ID can continue to use it (either in the consumer app or using credentials of another Threema Work subscription). Details about the encryption, key-pair management, physical data security, data protection laws, and other security advantages of our decentralized architecture are summarized in the Security and Privacy Reference Sheet. NOTE: Using the Sophos Mobile placeholders for Android for Work apps is currently not possible; Save the changes; If your users now install the app via Android for Work app store, it will be configured automatically. For communication systems such as messaging apps, their value is intimately tied to the number of users they have. Choose language: DeutschDeutsch If you want to store your users’ Threema Safe backups on your own server, specify the URL to the Threema Safe directory on your server in th_safe_server_url. Open the “Individual values” submenu, and click on a username to select one or more users who may use the app differently than what the global settings define. Threema calls: UDP port 3478 needs to be open for outgoing connections. Threema is the messenger that puts security and privacy first. The customer-specific Threema ID required for use of the Service is composed of 7 (seven) alphanumeric characters, which are preceded by a star, and … With Android Enterprise, it is generally possible to distribute the app in a container. Both Threema and Threema Work are compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If all credentials are activated (i.e., the number of active users and the total number of credentials are the same), click on the “Increase number of users” button in order to purchase additional licenses for the remaining duration of the subscription. The business chat app is perfect for corporate communication via instant messaging and guarantees confidential information exchange in teams. Like the regular app, Threema Work is all about safety: you can prevent access to future chats if you know an employee is leaving the team, you can revoke IDs if needed, and even define your policies. The business chat app is perfect for corporate communication via instant messaging and guarantees confidential information exchange in teams. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. Using Threema Work’s management cockpit, you can easily administer your subscriptions and users. ), Automatically disable notifications outside of working hours, Silently agree or disagree to received messages, Hide confidential chats and password-protect them with a PIN or your fingerprint, make voice and video calls on tablets and iPads, Use on tablets or devices without a SIM card, Threema Broadcast: Top-down communications at your fingertips, Integration into third-party applications using Threema Gateway, European General Data Protection Regulation, Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection, adequacy decision of the European Commission 2000/518/EG, Set up a trial subscription without obligation, prices indicated on the Threema Work website, Offer for NGOs and educational institutions, What to consider when defining credentials, Manual deployment for unmanaged devices (without MDM system), Threema MDM: Remote app configuration in the management cockpit (without a regular MDM system), MobileIron AppConnect vs. Android Enterprise, Activation of the app using activation links, Including external or temporary employees, withdraw their access to the Threema Work app and/or revoke their Threema IDs, Restrict communication to internal contacts (closed user group), Withdrawing access to the app or revoking an ID, Integration into Active Directory and similar directory services, Walkthrough: Adjusting the app with Threema MDM, Meaning of the tilde character in the contact list, Appearance of new users in the contact list, Walkthrough: Use Threema Safe to automatically create backups, Differences between Threema and Threema Work, restrict the communication to contacts contained in the contact list. All price plans include guaranteed availability, technical support, and software updates for all platforms. With Enterprise subscriptions, Threema Work users’ contact lists can be managed as follows: Label internal contactsThe colored dots next to a contact indicate the verification level. iOS: Threema > My ID > camera icon in the top right corner; If you are having trouble scanning a QR code, please make sure the camera is not too close (below 10 in/25 cm), which might prevent it from focussing. requirements. Secure Enterprise Messaging by Threema GmbH Similar Play App Stats is the most popular Google Play Store Optimization & SEO tool. To manage your profile and subscriptions, please log in. “Robert Smith”). Responsible body and direct contact for questions on data protection at Threema in terms of data privacy law: Threema GmbH Data Protection Officer Churerstrasse 82 8808 Pfäffikon SZ Switzerland CHE-221.440.104 You will be redirected to PayPal, any refunds will be issued to your PayPal account. Made in Switzerland. Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. Billing address in Switzerland and Lichtenstein The more users, the … According to the German tech-blog "Cachys Blog" and the Swiss news site "watson", Threema confirmed them that they are indeed developing a web-client which will be available for both, the normal Threema app and the Threema Work app. Forgot password? Schemes. If the off-hours policy is enabled, no notifications for incoming text or voice messages will be displayed, and calls are automatically rejected. Threema Work is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offers the same high level of privacy protection, security, and usability that millions of private users appreciate about Threema. If you are looking at the Threema Work homepage, you will see that they say. Please consult your local tax authority for binding information. Clicking on “Continue” (the amount of selected users is shown in brackets) allows you to adjust the app further. Systems). Login; Threema Message API. To integrate Threema Work into your central directory service (such as MS Exchange, AD, or LDAP), please use our APIs: Different ways of integrating Threema Work into your central directory service are illustrated below. You have now successfully configured the app in a way that allows only predefined users to create a group chat. If th_safe_enable is set, it is either mandatory (true) or impossible (false) to use Threema Safe. When deploying the app using an MDM system, you don’t need to define different credentials for each user. Linking the same Please note that a mobile device (on which the Threema Work app is present and activated using credentials) is required; it’s not possible to use Threema Web without a mobile device. If you’re a Threema Work, Made in Switzerland. Please contact us if an individual service agreement is required. Threema Broadcast is the tool for versatile, secure, and straightforward top-down communications. iOS does not have a standardized type of container supported by the operating system. The communication with external contacts is inhibited. With the following settings, users of a subscription can only communicate with other users of the reply. To learn more about the configuration of Threema Safe using MDM parameters, please refer to this Help article. Threema Shop General Terms and Conditions. It is the most secure method to permanently exclude someone from your organization's internal communication. Threema Work offers several backup options that differ in various respects: By default, all backup options are available. In the menu, select “Profile”, and click on “Login and security”. The communication with external contacts is inhibited. Please refer to the Terms of Service for details. On Android, the Threema Work app must have been opened at least once in order for the activation link to work. Details…. If your server requires authentication, please specify username and password in th_safe_server_username and th_safe_server_password, respectively. Is there a list of my Threema Broadcast administrators and their access privileges? Activate the parameter, and leave the setting. Configure the app easily in the Threema Work management cockpit also when lacking an additional MDM Billing address in other countries If, for example, there are 80 Enterprise licenses in Threema Work, there are 80 recipients available in Threema Broadcast. individual values. The “First Steps” PDF will guide you through the manual distribution and activation of the app. Threema Work provides all the features you expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger for organizations. The User shall handle the login information with the necessary care. If you send your users activation links, they don’t have to enter their credentials manually. Multiple devices can be activated using the same credentials: An ID revocation cannot be undone and is only available to administrators of Enterprise subscriptions. Threema. This way, you can make sure that the first and the last name is set, the correct phone number or email address is linked, and more. same subscription or with contacts that were added manually in the management cockpit. Threema Work can be used without providing personally identifiable information (such as a phone number or email address) and without granting access to the address book. The preconfiguration of the app is carried out directly in the MDM system, where you can, for example, activate contact synchronization, link a phone number, or set the user’s first and last name (learn more). To automatically make all users of the subscription available to each other, set “Enable new users automatically” to “On”. © 2019 Threema GmbH. If you disable contact synchronization on the mobile devices, you can still add contacts via the management cockpit. To get technical assistance by the Threema community (in German) and to engage in interesting discussions related to Threema, visit the unofficial Threema forum. Threema was created with data protection in mind, and it is designed from the ground up to generate as little metadata as technically possible. Find the appropriate credentials, and click on the trash-can icon to delete the credentials. List updated: 12/22/2020 4:21:00 PM iCloud/iTunes backups can include Threema data. Inspired by a German Consultant for Youth Media Protection at the State Education Office in Wiesbaden and because of my voluntary youth work, I did a lot of research regarding "messengers" within the … Thus, it can no longer be revoked by subscription administrators, and it will no longer be labeled as internal contact. Revoke Threema ID Choose language: DeutschDeutsch Threema Gateway: On March 20, 2015, Threema … If Threema Work is used on multiple devices at the same time, a separate license is required for each device (cf. You can find out more about features and answers to general questions about the app in the Threema FAQs. Threema is making money and growing albeit slowly. Threema MDM can be used in addition to a regular MDM system, e.g. Set the MDM parameter th_safe_enable to false to prevent users from creating Threema Safe backups. Threema launched support for end-to-end encrypted video calls on August 10, 2020. Threema calls can be completely disabled, and you can also Learn here how to label internal contacts. However, the synchronization can be forced manually in the app by pulling down the contact list. Threema Work allows to: The Threema and the Threema Work app are compatible and are generally identical as far as features are concerned. No other messenger offers a similar level of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality. Threema Work is fully … When subscriptions are automatically renewed, an automated email is sent, which also contains a URL directly to the invoice. Due to a restriction on iOS’ part, it’s not possible to distinguish between iTunes and iCloud backups. First, make sure that th_disable_backups and th_skip_wizard are not set to true. In Threema Work for Android, users can create data backups. Set the MDM parameter th_safe_enable to false to prevent users from creating Threema Safe backups. Preconfigure the app (set a nickname, link a phone number, etc.). Many of the apps that are used for business purposes don’t meet legal data-privacy requirements. ), Additional information below the invoice items. Find the appropriate Threema ID, and click on “Revoke ID” to revoke the Threema ID. It is developed by Threema GmbH and published to Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s AppStore. Related products. This walkthrough is based on a fictitious example in which the administrator wants to allow the creation of group chats only for individual users, whereas the majority of users is not allowed to create group chats. Threema Broadcast is the chat app for companies and organizations that care about data privacy and security. Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers corporations and governments. Threema Work is fully compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and offers the same high level of privacy protection security and usability that millions of private users appreciate about Threema. The business messenger for every enterprise. Neither a SIM card nor a phone number is required. To get started you need a Mac, Xcode (12.2) and a (free) Apple Developer Account. App users can retrieve the information listed below at any time (by following the instructions listed in this FAQ article). Open the menu “Threema MDM” in the Threema Work management cockpit, which expands the submenu You can integrate them in an existing subscription or keep them in a separate subscription. This documentation is intended for Threema Work … Threema Work is the Threema version for companies and organizations. Individual agreements such as changes to our standard data-processing agreement, individual contracts as well as technical or legal questionnaires or documents are examined solely against payment of the administrative and legal expenses. Learn more…. Threema is the world’s favorite secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations and governments.

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